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A Bit About Us...

Abberley House provides care and education in an environment which enables children to feel safe and supported and which extends their learning and development. We highly celebrate the skills and competence of all babies and young children in our care.


Most children come to Abberley House with a wealth of experience to draw upon. They have learnt about people and their environment and have begun to develop many of the skills they need to operate in their world, but it is the task of the Practitioners to build on this experience to extend their learning.

The staff at Abberley House are amazing.  We boast a very high percentage of ‘qualified’ staff who thoroughly enjoy working here.  The majority of the staff have been here for a number of years.  It is testament to the dedication of our amazing team that the children who attend Abberley House flourish and leave to go to school confident and more than ready for the next chapter of their lives.

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