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What our parent's say...

Abberley House has been a great support to us as parents and our child from the first day we first attended a taster day at 10 months old.  One of our favourite things about Abberley house is the never-ending garden leading up to the wooded area that offers multiple zones for the children to engage in different levels of learning and play. 

The dedicated team of staff organise many wonderful themed outdoor experiences all relative to the season, earlier this year we were invited to their Easter bonnet festivities where the children sang songs and showcased their bonnets in the wooded area which was so lovely to be able to watch



Abberley House ... a magical place, like no other, where every child can play, learn, develop and flourish and explore the great outdoors.

Children are born ready to learn outdoors!  Outdoor learning boosts confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, physical skills, knowledge and understanding.  Abberley House embraces this ethos and provides a wonderful outdoor environment for children to play, learn and develop to their full potential.


We aim to give your child the opportunity to develop and learn through free play and structured learning activities. Experience in a wide variety of play and learning activities helps to develop the use of language and expression; the understanding of concepts; imagination and creativity; social awareness, including multicultural awareness; co-operation and self-control.


Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity and discovery, involvement, and guided activities set at the right level for their age and capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must be met, and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children.


A happy, loving atmosphere with plenty of cuddles allows a child to develop his/her true potential. Each child is treated as an individual because staff at Abberley House are given responsibility for small groups of children. Children like to feel that they have one or perhaps two "special" key-people who know them and understand them and can comfort them when they need it. To achieve our high standards of childcare, it is our general policy to appoint experienced professional staff or those training towards a qualification.


A unique environment

In the Nursery, we pride ourselves on being a loving, caring and calm environment where children are celebrated as individuals. Children explore all aspects of practical life and sensory learning and are introduced to the fundaments of language and numeracy through play and exploration.


The Nursery is a home-from-home setting where children are safe and given a strong sense of security. The rooms are set out to encourage self-reliance with equipment easily accessible to the children on low shelves. The garden area gives the Nursery their own outside space and is used extensively for time to explore the natural world, for gardening and to play.


Preparing for the
next stage

Our Nursery staff have a wealth of experience and have created an outstanding environment which prepares the children for moving into school and for life beyond Nursery. All staff have extensive knowledge of how children grow and develop, and our programme inspires the children to learn through these most important years.


We are able to closely follow the routines which babies have already established within their home. We have a strong ethos of working with parents as partners and strive to create strong relationships with both children and their families. 


Our Nursery Manager leads the provision of the Early Years curriculum from the Baby room to



Unlocking potential

We believe a Nursery should create a space which allows children at this early age to begin to unlock their own potential as individuals. 

At Abberley House we build upon the guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation stage covering ages 0-5 by offering an extended and stimulating curriculum which is delivered through careful planning activities suitable for each child’s age and stage of development.

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